Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life is Just One Thing after Another - How You Choose to React is Up to You

Life renews every half-second, so we have seemingly countless opportunities to start again – to decide how we want our future to look.  Because life keeps moving forward, it ends up actually being just one thing after another.  But, this is good.

By acknowledging and taking advantage of the fact that life is constantly renewing, we then realize that our responses, our reactions, to each moment matter because they create the next reality.

Therefore, be sure to proactively choose how you will respond to each life moment so you will have had as much input as possible into what your future will be.  While we cannot control external events, we do have a say in how we shape what occurs.

Copyright 2012  Lynn Borenius Brown

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What We Imagine About Ourselves Tends to Become Real

There is no one reality.  Each of us is responsible for determining what ours is going to be and we base this upon what we were taught in childhood, combined with what we have learned on our own, from others, as well as our experiences.  And it is influenced by our inherent personality.

When we imagine, we are assuming, supposing, believing.  Therefore, imagining has great power.  What we imagine shapes what we believe about ourselves and leads to it being real.  And when something is real, it is true – not just apparent, but it exists as a fact so it is actual rather than imaginary.

Therefore, it is imperative that we are aware of the significance of what we imagine because it will tend to become real. 

Copyright 2012 Lynn Borenius Brown 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Understanding Only Comes from Doing

To understand is to be thoroughly familiar with, to comprehend clearly the subtleties of, and grasp the significance, implications, or importance of something.  Using this definition, it becomes difficult to acknowledge that we truly understand much.

To do is to accomplish - and to accomplish is to carry out, bring to conclusion, to perfect.

Therefore, it is in the accomplishment, the ability to bring to conclusion, that allows us the opportunity to actually understand.  The adage that we need to walk a mile in someone’s shoes before we know applies.  The intellectual awareness combined with the “knowing” that comes from doing brings understanding.  And once we understand, we change.

Copyright 2011 Lynn Borenius Brown

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wisdom is Understanding that Judgment is Not Possible, Nor Necessary

Wisdom is knowledge of what is true, coupled with insight.  Judgment is a verdict or conclusion.  Whenever we participate in assessing someone else or a situation, we are, by default, never going to fully know every facet of this person or the situation and so we are going to be functioning without full information. 

As a result, we are not in the position to come to an accurate conclusion.  Therefore, judgment is not possible.  And once there is a verdict, there is no more discussion; no opportunity for acquiring additional insight and no possibility for forward movement or growth.  Therefore, everything about the person or situation is permanent.

Since everything is always in flux, is always being provided the opportunity for change, judgment, with its immediate outcome of permanence, is not a reasonable aspect of living.  So, when someone is wise, they know that change and growth are inherent in living.  Therefore, judgment is not possible and it certainly is not necessary.   

Copyright 2011  Lynn Borenius Brown

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We Cause Most of Our Own Problems

Life evolves – reality is new every half-second – one event occurs after another.  This relentless pattern never stops.  The only influence we have is our attitude that results in action.

The existence of problems is due to many factors that all converge to the concept of expectation.  It is our perceived need to influence others and outcomes that give us problems (doubts, uncertainties, difficulties).  We continue to strive to have life look the way we desire, having come to these conclusions restricted by our history and perceptions.

So, to limit the number of problems in your life, focus within yourself – use your energy to attend to your attitudes and actions.  Be true to yourself, always work toward being the best version of yourself, and let everyone else do the same.

Copyright 2011  Lynn Borenius Brown

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Action Turns Knowledge Into Wisdom

When we know something intellectually, we have an idea of what it is.  We are able to speak of it in theory and we believe we know of what we speak.  However, we do not completely understand it because we have not experienced it. 

Of course, there is always some of what we know that cannot be experienced so we must remain limited in our perception.  But, if we are able to experience our knowledge it is a good choice to do this because it is only by actually living the knowledge that we are able to fully comprehend what it means because the sensing and understanding experiencing brings allows for wisdom

So, be sure to choose to experience knowledge whenever possible.  It will bring the wisdom you desire.

Copyright 2011  Lynn Borenius Brown

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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