Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wisdom is Understanding that Judgment is Not Possible, Nor Necessary

Wisdom is knowledge of what is true, coupled with insight.  Judgment is a verdict or conclusion.  Whenever we participate in assessing someone else or a situation, we are, by default, never going to fully know every facet of this person or the situation and so we are going to be functioning without full information. 

As a result, we are not in the position to come to an accurate conclusion.  Therefore, judgment is not possible.  And once there is a verdict, there is no more discussion; no opportunity for acquiring additional insight and no possibility for forward movement or growth.  Therefore, everything about the person or situation is permanent.

Since everything is always in flux, is always being provided the opportunity for change, judgment, with its immediate outcome of permanence, is not a reasonable aspect of living.  So, when someone is wise, they know that change and growth are inherent in living.  Therefore, judgment is not possible and it certainly is not necessary.   

Copyright 2011  Lynn Borenius Brown


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